Smile - A Youth Based NGO

Smile Foundation was started 25th of June 2016 and officially announced at 28th of July 2016. It’s a youth based NGO, patterned with the collaboration of young students. Basic aim was to give our country a strong, skill-full and educated generation for its bright future by providing different skill-based program and to help and educate the women of our country so they can nourish their family with good skills and environment. We are trying our best to make a society based on equality and distribution of equal resources, a society in which women can live with same self-respect and dignity.

Our Missions:

  • Making women independent.
  • Nourish them with good skills.
  • Helping young girls to get settled in future.
  • Empower women with education.
  • Try to make every individual’s life easier.

Our Vision

Our vision is try build a society in which every person could get his/her basic needs. A society in which women is also equally educated and can support her family independently. One of the major aim was to provide young girls the power of education so that they also become independent. Nourishing young girls and women with different skills so they can do something god by themselves and can support their family.